Museum Display Group is among 3 other large manufactures of large exhibit showcases for Trade Shows in the USA.

Our cases are extremely strong and are known to be able to take a beating.  We do not suggest you try this but you can rest assured that our display showcase designs are build to last using the best possible materials available.

Museum Display Cabinets

Large Museum Showcases

Unique Looking Museum Display Cases

The Museum Display Group might not be better compared to other well established  display case manufactures, but we are unique and different!  Our selection is by far the largest compared to all other display companies and our designs are prepared for all our customers free of charge, even for custom projects.

Museum Display Cases - Made in the USA

Museum Display Cases Texas

Wall Hanging Display Cases – Diamond Corner Phoenix Arizona

Ready for crating and shipping!  Our team at Museum Display Cases Inc just finished these wall mounted and suspended glass display cabinets for a well known jewelry store located in Phoenix Arizona!  If you ever have the change to visit this company you will be amazed what kind of jewelry can be made with diamonds!

Pictures for viewing are shown below!

Display Case


MUSEUM DISPLAY CASES – Made in North America

Is it important for you that the display cases you are about to purchase are made in the USA?  If so….with Museum Display Cases Corp you have this flexibility!   Our company owns and operates 3 factories ideally located in Canada, USA and Mexico.   Our locations are ideally situated to delivery ANYWHERE in North America!

Trophy Display Cases

Yes we make a lot of Trophy showcases.  Do not let the name Museum Display Cases mislead the fact that we design and manufacture a HUGE selection of high quality glass trophy display cabinets.

Suspended Trophy Display Case

Trophy Display Cases

New display case, perfect for small items of value

Plain and simple, this new display case is perfect for all museums.  Perfect for displaying smaller items of value and can be built and shipped anywhere in Canada, US or South America in 2 weeks.


The Museum Display Cases International has been manufacturing museum glass displays since the beginning.  Very popular models include, wall displays, freestanding towers and wood pedestals.  Two very popular museum showcases have been selling very well over the years; one with a solid wood cabinet below the glass area, the other with wooden legs supporting the glass exhibit portion.  Sliding decks, fully adjustable glass shelves, and lock mechanisms to protect your items, our showcases are this and much more.  Single moldings and flute moldings can be applied to the front face of the cabinets in various patterns.  Only the finest hardware is used in all our showcases.

Made in the USA


Dear Clients

Let me start by wishing you all a fantastic holiday season.  For us at MUSEUM DISPLAY CASES NORTH AMERICA we were working extremely hard in getting the last orders out of the door before December 22nd when the factories and offices close for the holidays.  We will be open again on January 3rd when an exiting new year awaits us with many new and challenging projects to work on!  Our company has been making many changes to our display case catalogs these last few months.  We have (without question) the largest selection of high quality museum display cases for purchase in the USA and Canada.  Our designs are mostly unique and our pricing is by all accounts the most competitive in the industry .  Please keep in mind that our manufacturing and delivery times are guaranteed within 4 weeks.

For more information about our latest designs please fill out the catalogs request form.

Anna van de Ven

Aluminum Extruded Museum Glass Display Cases

Our Museum Display Cases are made from the highest quality aluminum extrusion available on the market. Our well sought after Mannequin Display Showcases are sold all over the USA and Canada and can be viewed in various Malls across North America such as Westfield properties, Oxford properties and many other reputable malls!


For more information about our line of Museum fixtures please feel free to contact us!

Stan Jones


Our celebrated mannequin museum display cases are fast becoming our industry’s stellar product. After nearly four decades, we have become the favourite supplier of many museums, both national as well as small, local museums.

Please give us a call and let one of our designers (or engineers) explain in detail what options are available. No matter what height, security features (plunger locks) or LED lighting features you require for your valuable objects, we will design and build the museum display case(s) to your exact specifications. Before we build your display cases, we will forward a detailed 3D CAD drawing that will show exactly what your display cases will look like.

Give us a call today and let us build your museum display cases for you!



Grace Behn

Sales & Marketing